"Hardanger Band"

Hardanger Band

For the Hardanger band follow the chart at this link. Use Ecru Perle Cotton #8 and begin your Satin stitches with an away knot that is about five inches from the starting stitch. Weave this tail into the back of your Satin stitches later. You will need to complete all Satin stitches and Klosters before continuing with any other steps or stitches. You can reach the chart by clicking on the highlighted link above with that name.

Please do not start cutting anything yet as it will interfere with your later stitches.

Four Sided Stitch Row

Begin the pulled thread Four Sided stitch two fabric threads down from the bottom of the straight line of Satin stitches at A as shown on the chart. Work each Four Sided stitch over two fabric threads. Click on the link above to see detailed instructions for this stitch. I used DMC color 644. Please note that the pulled thread stitch is over two fabric threads on the Hardanger Band chart and not over four fabric threads as discussed in the stitch diagrams.

Cutting and Wrapping

There are four motifs like this one in the Hardanger band. The charts for this motif are below. One shows the Klosters that will have the fabric threads cut and the other diagram shows the fabric threads removed. In the first diagram I have included a gray bar under each Kloster that should have the fabric threads cut and removed. Click here for a discussion of cutting really close with your scissors.

Each line on this diagram represents one fabric thread.

Your motif will look like the chart below when all the cut threads are removed.

After you have cut the fabric threads begin weaving the bars using #12 Perle cotton in the same color as used for the Klosters. Follow the instructions in the Hardanger lessons on weaving, you will need to scroll down that page to the topic 'Weaving the Bars.' To do the Dove's Eyes weave half the bar before beginning the Dove's Eye. Please click on the topic 'Dove's Eye' to read about how they are done.

Hardanger Diamond

The center medallion of the Hardanger band uses #8 perle cotton. Place a Squared Eye in the center of the flower. Please see the instructions for the Clover Leaf Flower by clicking on the highlighted topic. ©2001, Linda Fontenot www.AmericanFolkArts.com