Interlacing Stitch

Step 1

All grid lines in these diagrams represent one fabric thread.

  1. Looking at the black stitches begin the stitches at 1, go over six fabric threads and up six threads and take your stitch down at 2.  

  2. Come up at 3 two fabric threads to the left of the last stitch,

  3. Go under the previous stitch, and count over ten fabric threads and down ten fabric threads for stitch 4,

  4. Come up at 5 two fabric threads to the left of stitch 4 and go over the previous stitch and then repeat this process across the row.

Another way to look at this row is to look at all the top crosses, the bottom crosses and the crosses in between the top and bottom crosses.    

  1. No matter which way you decide to stitch on this row all the top crosses will have a top stitch that will look like this /, or like the stitch at the red A in the diagram above.  (stitch 1 - 2)

  2. All the bottom crosses will have a top cross that looks like this / too. That would be like the stitch at the red B in the diagram above. 

  3. All the large middle crosses will have the top thread crossing to the left like this \ or like the cross stitch at the red F in the diagram above.  

  4. There will be six fabric threads between each top Cross Stitch and each bottom Cross Stitch, and all the top and bottom crosses will line up on the same vertical fabric thread.