"Queen Stitch"

Queen Stitch

Click on the picture above to see how to do this design called the Heart Band.

All these diagrams have one line representing one fabric thread.  

Bring the threaded needle up at 1 and go down at 2,

come up with the threaded needle again at 3 and make a tacking stitch (over the stitch you just made and one fabric thread) by going down at 4.

Some designers like to open the space at 1 and 2 with an awl. It adds to the details of this stitch and makes very uniform stitches in your design. Remember to lock your stitching by always pulling when the thread is on top of the fabric. You just need to give the thread a slight tug to lock it.

Come up at 5 and go down at 6,

and come up at 7 (give a slight tug here)

and make the tacking stitch at 7.

Repeat the process again, but move over one fabric thread to make the tacking stitch.

Finish the stitch by bringing the threaded needle up again in the same place, but again move over another fabric thread to tack this stitch.

All the tacking stitches are just like steps 3 and 4 below except they move over one fabric thread each time. And all the threads share the same openings at 1 and 2.

Click here for the instructions for making the Queen Stitched Heart in the center of the heart motifs in the photograph at the top of the page. ©2001  Linda Fontenot, www.AmericanFolkArt.com